Subcontracting, Joint Venture and Teaming Partnership

Being in the business in Information Communication Technology (ICT) since 2005, E-SPIN being frequently engage for undertaking subcontracting from Prime contractor, joint venture or teaming partnership for range of related solution and business E-SPIN being involved in. Since everyone involved fully aware it is only had successful mega project winning bid by combining the strengths

What is the difference between procurement ,”Invitation To Tender”, “bid”, “RFI”, “RFP” and “RFQ”?

We need supplier for sourcing and purchase for products and services, either for internal or external project and services delivery. Vendor and potential vendor welcome to provide the vendor profile and catalog for our consideration. In the world of contract management and procurement, there are a variety of ways procurement take place from simple and fast

E-SPIN Procurement Objectives

E-SPIN Procurement commit to delivery world-class purchasing, procurement and supply chain best practice management to the organizations and with following objective: OBJECTIVE 1: Support Operational Requirements Supporting this flow requires purchasing to: Understand business requirements. Buy products and services. At the right price. From the right source. At the right specification that meets users needs.

E-SPIN and Tenable

Vendors doing business with the E-SPIN Group are expected to adhere to the following Vendors Code of Conduct: All purchases of goods and services from outside vendors are to be preceded by the issuance of an official Purchase Order generated by E-SPIN that is then provided to the vendor. An official Purchase Order begins with

Welcome to E-SPIN Procurement

November 2, 2017 by E-SPIN in
Welcome to E-SPIN Procurement

Over the years, E-SPIN has developed an entire ecosystem of suppliers who support our business operations. Our goal, in a nutshell, is to obtain quality products and services within reasonable timeframes, at a right cost that represents the best possible value to our internal and external customers and shareholders. We are proud of the strong