Qualys Express Lite

Qualys Express Lite provides an all-in-ones security and compliance cloud solution for small businesses (up to 256 Employees).
Completely Cloud Based Model:
* Minimize infrastructure overhead – No software installation, rollout and maintenance.
* Easy to use – Automated scans initiated via a simple Web browser.
* Comprehensive– Most comprehensive knowledgebase in the industry detects thousands of unique security vulnerabilities and compliance checks.
* Secure – Trusted, 3rd party security audits with end-to-end encryption.
Qualys Express Lite consists of following modules that can be either purchased individually or bundled
* Qualys Vulnerability Management (VM): Simple, accurate, easy-to-use solution for vulnerability management.
* Qualys Continuous Monitoring (CM): Continuously Monitor the perimeter and get alerted on security loopholes (e.g., expired certs, open ports, etc).
* Qualys ThreatPROTECT: Visualize and prioritize security threats with integrated real-time threat intelligence correlated with VM scan results.
* Qualys Secure Configuration Assessment (SCA): Secure configuration assessment based on CIS benchmark with reporting and workflows.
* Qualys Cloud Agents Platform (CAP): Provides real-time assessment (VM and PC) across millions of IT assets on-premise, elastic environments or endpoints.
* Qualys PCI Compliance (PCI): Automated PCI compliance validation for merchants and acquiring institutions.
* Qualys Web Application Scanning (WAS): Automated custom web application scanning for SQL injection and XSS vulnerabilities.
* Qualys Web Application Firewall (WAF): Detect and mitigate web application vulnerabilities in real-time through virtual patching.
* Qualys Express Lite is priced as a prepaid annual subscription based on the modules (VM, PCI, WAS) and number of IP’s (Perimeter or Internal) or web applications. Multiple packages can be purchased together to fit the customer needs.
Packages Include:
–   Unlimited scanning per device (live IP address) or per WAS (web app)
–   24x7x365 technical support
–   Qualys PCI is bundled at no additional cost with Qualys Express Lite Perimeter up to the number of External IP’s purchased.
– Up to Three user accounts are included with each Qualys Express Lite subscription.
–   Scanner Appliances or Virtual Scanners required for scanning internal devices and web apps are available under prepaid annual subscriptions.
–   Two scanner appliances are allowed per each Qualys Express Lite subscription.
–   Multiple packages can be purchased per customer, for example a customer can purchase QG-XL-256, QG-XLP-4 and QG-XL-WAS-5.
Express Lite Packages is target for customer with  (1-256 Employees) only. For above 256 – 5000 is recommended for Qualys Express Edition, above 5000 for Qualys Enterprise Edition.

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