Qualys SECURE Seal

Qualys SECURE Seal allows businesses of all sizes to scan their web sites for the presence of malware, network and web application vulnerabilities, as well as SSL certificate validation.

Once a web site passes these four comprehensive security scans, the Qualys SECURE Seal service generates a Qualys SECURE seal for the merchant to display on their web site demonstrating to online customers that the company is maintaining a rigorous and proactive security program.


Leverage Qualys to identify your web application and network vulnerabilities.
Reporting that contains verified fixes for remediation.
All results in one place for faster remediation.
On demand scanning to verify if vulnerabilities have been remediated properly.
Demonstrates security posture to online shoppers.
Reduction in shopping cart abandonment.
Safeguard your brand by helping prevent data breaches.
Qualys SECURE Seal is priced as a prepaid annual subscription based on the number of web sites.

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