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Enterprise customers got the Static Application Security Testing (SAST) and Secure Source Code Requirements, how to systematic mapping for the functionality requirements into operation requirements, and avoid vendor lockin and upsell features you may not need. This document is prepared based on the above objective and if it meets what you need, please read on.

Reverse engineering vs binary exploitation

Reverse engineering vs binary exploitation, or malware analysis, binary software analysis to exploitation development, vulnerability research. It is a very common and widely interrelated concept, some are put together and create the confusion and misunderstanding they refer to the same matters which it is not, just like another confusion for vulnerability assessment and penetration testing.


E-SPIN as a author, is a team that make ongoing planned theme topics publishing, industry and technology update and product content that serve various audience who visit E-SPIN official website  At the time, the content in the E-SPIN website was divided into a few key sections for division or content: By Global Themes –
Zero-day vulnerability Log4j in Apache Logging Services Project, be the headline and outbreak alert at the time. Apache run as default web server, is a very typical setup, as such, it will impact a lot of web servers out there. As per the market share report, Nginx got 32.9%, followed with 31.5% by Apache. The
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