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E-SPIN believes in the dynamic ecosystem that should continue to evolve and adapt for the changing world, so do the partner and emerging technologies that carry and represent, should reflect that. As the world transitions from third industrial revolution to fourth industrial revolution (4IR) Industry 4.0, we are aware that the established technology that dated
For all the executives, their key priority is to develop a killer strategy that makes sure the company mobilises all the resources in the right way for the company to maintain competitive edge for the future to come. It includes digitally transformed the company to make sure it aligns for the modern and future market
Tenable Product Family Overview

Tenable Product Family Overview

Tenable yesterday (2022-Mar-9) sent the partner news and information for container security end of sales, and replaced it with the tenable.cs cloud security, so the previous prepare slide to sum up became outdated. We build the new one for those who found it helpful and update on this post.   Tenable Product Family Overview,
Being part of the planet earth ecosystem and global communities, E-SPIN is proactively organising a global charity initiative (GCI) under the E-SPIN Global Giving Charity Initiative Program to help nonprofits access the needed enterprise ICT solutions, training and support they need to their communities. How it works Nonprofits around the world apply and join the
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