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Benefit of network based software defined wan (sd-wan)
Nessus Pro Subscription Technical Support Plans option, depend on what kind of subscription you subscribed or renew, the technical support plan entitlement is different. The Standard Support plan is included with the subscription or purchase of Nessus Professional. The Advanced Support plan is included with the subscription or purchase of all other Tenable enterprise products. Nessus Professional customers may
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PAWS Studio End of Life (EOL) Notice

Dear customers and business partners, As per Titania officer Nathan Nicholson email dated 16-Jun-2021 to notify E-SPIN, Titania will no longer accept any further orders for PAWS. Any PAWS orders that is being transact, stay calms till it subscription expiration date, but no new order can be make, in another word, end of life (EOL).
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Burp Suite Enterprise Reporting

This is the post developed as the result of high demand keep asking by customer from time to time, so we decide to write a full detailed topic to be useful for other people who may found it useful. For existing Burp Suite Pro user, it do not do like Burp Suite Pro, you need
With the idea of eliminating your fragmented approach to vulnerability management, we hereby introduce Tenable Exposure Platform (Tenable.ep). What is Tenable.ep? Tenable.ep is a comprehensive risk-based vulnerability management (RBVM) solution that comprises, Web Application Scanning, Container Security and Tenable Lumin to help your organization understand your cyber risks for every asset, everywhere,