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Enterprise Complex Purchase Advice

Rationale for the eSTORE

Empower technical expert user with all the information to speed up budgetary process who prefer self services, accessible 24x7 whole year long.



We are purposely prepare it in the easy to read and understanding manner, and at the time for item creation it is correct. But do keep in mind, manufacturer will make change time to time, so make sure contact us for valid it before make any purchase. We will advice you whether price change or manufacturer end of life soon the product or whatever to avoid you place the mistake order that you will regret.

For certain product is under very aggressive price rise nature, within a year the product price keep rise up by manufacturer, if manufacturer had already implement the new price, we need to be comply. If you notice manufacturer mid night make the price change, you notice it and purposely place order with us in old rate, be understood that order will be cancel accordingly.

For product item with mix of hardware and software, usually software will ship and deliver to you first, since it deliver electronically. But for hardware you need to wait, as it do involve the physical shipping process, so if you expect for very rush order and delivery cycle that beyond manufacturer standard delivery cycle time, please do not load your order, we will not want to take order that we know our manufacturer can not deliver on your rush schedule requirement.


Order or Government Order

We accept purchase with enterprise purchase order (PO) or government order. Or typical purchase require request for quote (RFQ), request for proposal (RFP), bid and tender basis, and eventually for the vendor registration process before can issue enterprise or government order. We have specialist officer handle those requirement, just contact us and let us know what product your end interest for purchase, we will provide the formal quotation for your further action.

The officer will guide you and perform buying facilitation for the whole process.



We can take online credit card thru Paypal. Let us know if you want to use Credit Card for the online payment. We will issue Paypal invoice for your next action. After you make payment with Paypal, they will inform us for the fund received, and our officer will continue the supply process.

If you try to purchase thru credit card online, but Paypal is blocking for the transaction, you may need to check whether the card eligible for the credit amount or credit limit issue.

Usually for really large order, the best way is thru bank wired transfer, it is more effective and efficient that way. We can provide the invoice and bank detailed for your further action.


Complex Order

For large order and complex technical order, usually is done thru bank wired transfer, unless your credit card had large credit for using with PayPal. We send you the quotation, your end prepare the purchase order, and we issue invoice for your further action with the banker. Banker will update us for the fund received and we process the order.


Complementary Services

For certain product you may require professional service like consultancy, network / system integration, project management, training and complementary end to end hardware and software to form the solution delivery. You are advice to discuss with our solution specialist who possess the working experience to help you on the product point or complete solution, as well as can provide you the full project quotation for budgetary or investment decision.

Not to mention certain product have different after 1st year purchase recurring running cost, you may need to know them before making the purchase decision. For instance, decision on perpetual license and license subscription will bring in complete different long run maintenance cost.



We know you had lot of questions relate to your case, you may found lot of standard frequent ask questions and answer over this knowledge base section in our website,

Alternative we are always happy to answer all question you have, just contact us with your specific questions.