Six insights of Cloud application performance monitoring

Cloud application performance management (CAPM) is ferent from non-cloud application performance management in its nature and deployment. Software consultant Nari Kannan explains CAPM and how to choose the right tools for deploying your solution. Cloud applications are deployed, for the most part, in private cloud instances first, and then as demand increases, public cloud instances

APM vs NPM Know the Difference

Another three-letter acronym I see frequently mixed in with APM is NPM which stands for Network Performance Management. At first glance they look very similar. The distinction appears very subtle with just a one letter difference, but it speaks volumes because their core technologies and approaches to monitoring application performance are fundamentally different. Application Performance

Benefits of Application Performance Monitoring

In the realm of application performance management, many business owners wonder what its true benefits are. While the potential benefits of APM are limitless, there are several real-world advantages that not only determine the success of your company, but also the success of your reputation. Increased Revenue and Sales Every business that utilizes eCommerce, either

How APM Works and future of APM, Supply Chain Security Standards

We all know from firsthand experience that nothing irks end users more than unexpectedly slow response times. In fact, slowness is arguably a bigger problem than application downtime and unavailability. Research on ecommerce websites shows that slowdowns occur ten times more often than outages, and those cumulative slowdowns add up to twice the impact to

What is Application Performance Management

In a business landscape where competition is fierce, the time between development and deployment is ever more compressed, and customer retention matters most, it pays to do everything in your power to ensure that your software delivers a steady baseline of performance, 24/7. This is particularly true of web-based applications, where consistent speed and uptime

Retina CS Technical Overview by E-SPIN, Main aspects of the General Data Protection Regulation

There are many software tool for handling big data to help in achieving these goals and help data scientists to process data for analyzing them. Many new languages, frameworks and data storage technologies have emerged that supports handling of big data. R : is an open-source statistical computing language that provides a wide variety of

Unified IT Network System Application Performance Monitoring Solution

Unified IT Network System Application Performance Monitoring Solution World is keep changing in the fast pace. For the past, respective performance monitoring solution is look into their respective niche domain of focus only. For instance, we had network management system (NMS) focus on take care of network device and network element. System monitoring system for

E-SPIN Free Technology Training on WhatsUp Gold Application Performance Monitoring (APM) Solution for end user and reseller

E-SPIN will be organizing FOC training session in June 2013. This event is in line with WhatsUp Gold (a product E-SPIN represented in the local region) with the objective to increase the product knowledge, making it easier for the reseller partner to increase the business revenue and how to increase end user awareness on the