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The CI/CD pipeline security cannot be compromised as it is the core component within a development process. The following describes four best practices to secure your CI/CD pipeline. First, tighten the access control. Access control is viewed as the first layer of protection of the CI/CD pipeline, thus the access to the CI/CD pipeline should

Website and Web Application Security trend

Burp Suite Professional is the leading toolkit for web security testing to perform faster, more reliable security testing. It being known as best in class for security testing, a must-have tool for security engineers for a very long period of time. Use it to automate repetitive testing tasks – then dig deeper with its expert-designed

Application Security Testing AST is a modern term we used to describe various tools based on various technologies used for performing application security testing (AST). Since the product technology keeps advancing, more and more related technology is either consolidated, retired, replaced and being positioned as matured, declined or treated as new emerging technology. The market

Why Augmented Reality (AR) Cloud is important?

Augmented Reality (AR) Cloud does not build artificial environment, but it can play with the current environment and also overlays feature on it. The design and advancement of a three-dimensional (3D) physical model has typically been viewed as a critical part of the design process. The AR Cloud is preservative, overlaying digital content onto the

Have you wondered around what might it be like to have your Machine Learning (ML) models come under security attack? In other words, your machine learning models get hacked. Have you thoroughly considered how to check or monitor security attacks on your ML models? As a data scientist or machine learning researcher, it would be

ImmuniWeb Discovery

January 20, 2020 by E-SPIN in

ImmuniWeb Discovery is application security product from ImmuniWeb provide attack surface management & dark web monitoring, for self-assessment and third-party risk scoring. It help to reduces complexity and costs of cybersecurity and compliance with continuous discovery of your external digital assets and attack surface. Attack Surface Management (ASM) is enhanced with actionable Security Ratings for

World keep changing at the fast speed. Few years on the road, once upon a time a successful entrepreneur who discovered the need for rising need for dedicated web application security testing (AST) tool and differentiate it with generic network vulnerability scanner at that time create a new product genre never existed before. The first

5 Steps To Implement Building Zero Trust Strategy

Many companies are moving to the cloud and, green field environments. Here are 5 steps to implement building Zero Trust strategy that dramatically improves your organization’s security posture: Verify trust upon access to any network resource and do it in real-time. Include assets that are ignored today. Be sure to focus on legacy systems, tools

Benefits of Zero Trust for Business and Security

The organization today operates differently a few years ago. Organizations are increasingly turning away from solutions that secure the perimeter and then trust everything inside and are instead moving to a zero trust security model to protect sensitive resources and data. Under the assumption that a Zero Trust solution dynamically and continually assesses trust every

What is the Electronics Sector ?

What is the Electronics Sector ? The electronics sector produces electronic equipment for consumer electronics and industrial products, such as mobile devices, televisions and circuit boards. Industries in the field of electronics include telecommunications, equipment, electronic components, industrial electronics and consumer electronics. Electronic companies can produce electrical appliances, manufacture electrical components and sell merchandise in

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Update: 13-May-2021 Below post is dated and kept as historical record only. At the time, Invicti Acunetix latest version was v13, and no longer offering v12, nor Consult edition since November 2020. Acunetix web vulnerability scanner is one of the popular and widely use application security testing (AST) tool in the cyber security market, capable