Qualys Secure Seal Product Overview by E-SPIN

Malware Analysis Techniques include encompassing both static and dynamic approaches, as well as behavioral and code-level analysis methods. Malware, short for malicious software, poses a significant threat to computer systems, networks, and data integrity worldwide. It encompasses a broad spectrum of harmful software designed by malicious actors to exploit vulnerabilities, steal sensitive information, disrupt operations,

Indicator of compromise, IOC

The digital landscape of today resembles a wild west frontier town, teeming with both opportunity and hidden dangers. In this ever-evolving realm, organizations constantly grapple with the challenge of protecting their valuable data and systems from cyberattacks. Here’s where Indicators of Compromise (IoCs) emerge as invaluable tools, acting as the silent trail left behind by

Cerbero Labs aims to create a perfect multitool for low-level professionals,  thus new features and improvements are essential. As an active partner of Cerbero Labs, we are proud to provide our customers with Cerbero Suite latest releases and updates. Feel free to contact E-SPIN regarding product and related matter (if any). The details of the latest release

Qualys Secure Seal Product Overview by E-SPIN

Hex-Rays IDA Pro, a distinguished business partner of E-SPIN, holds a prominent position as a widely recognized and essential software analysis tool in the cybersecurity sector. Acknowledged as the de facto standard, it is a vital asset for software analysts, binary reverse engineers, and malware analysts. Hex-Rays is dedicated to ensuring the continuous evolution and

Hex-Rays Decompiler

November 30, 2023 by E-SPIN in

The Hex-Rays Decompiler enables millions of programmers to delve into binary software analysis effortlessly. This tool transforms native processor code into a clear, C-like pseudocode text, departing from the lower-level disassemblers and presenting a concise output more aligned with standard programming practices. This distinction significantly reduces the time analysts spend mentally mapping disassembly output to

E-SPIN Webinar Cerbero Suite 7 Product Overview is a routine, hour-long technical overview that is highly recommended for customers looking to understand Cerbero Suite 7 as a comprehensive collection of integrated tools specifically designed for cybersecurity professional such as low-level experts, notably malware and forensic analysts. Cerbero Suite 7 is the latest release of Cerbero

Malware threats continue to evolve, demanding that both individual users and organizations stay current with these ever-changing dangers. With the belief that they can provide the most effective solutions for these expanding threats, Cerbero Labs has consistently enhanced the features of Cerbero Suite, and they are now proud to announce the release of Cerbero Suite

The concept of reverse engineering is widely discussed and often asked about. Reverse engineering refers to the process of disassembling and thoroughly examining a product or device in order to understand its manufacturing concepts, typically with the goal of producing something similar. In the field of mechanical engineering, reverse engineering summarizes the process of reconstructing

 When it comes to software development, analyzing and validating code is a crucial step in the process. This is where disassemblers and decompilers come in handy. Both programs convert binary code into human-readable text to make it easier for software developers to understand and work with. However, there are some key differences between disassemblers

It had been a year since E-SPIN join into partnership with Cerbero Labs in November 2021. With believe that there are multiple improvements and new updates needed to be shared with our customers along the way, we hereby present you, our latest talk with Erik Pistelli-Founder and CEO of Cerbero Labs. Firstly, let’s us celebrate

File malware analysis, forensics, reversing with Cerbero Seminar Event, is special event in conjunction with the E-SPIN 16th anniversary celebration. E-SPIN pleased to organize a seminar event focused on the file malware analysis, forensics, reversing with Cerbero Standard and Advanced. This event focuses on malware analysis and reverse engineering, forensics focus on high level product