Sextortion come with ransomware and trojans in 2018

Sextortion come with ransomware and trojans in 2019. So how would you feel if you’d get a mail that would tell you someone has been recording you while you had fun surfing on porn pages? By now you should now already that it is all a scam though: those pesky mails that want to make you

CryptoMix Ransomware for Children’s Charity?

CryptoMix Ransomware for Children’s Charity? It is true or not? Before we go in detail to cover this cyber security threat, we should know what is CrytoMix  and how it working. CryptoMix is a ransomware strain that was first spotted in March 2016. In early 2017, its author(s) renamed CryptoMix to CryptoShield. The spread of

Worst malware and threat actors on 2018

What is the worst malware so far in 2018? The year isn’t quite over, but candidates for the role of “worst” have made themselves clear. According to a new report from Webroot, among the worst are three large botnets. The list starts with Emotet. Emotet is a Trojan that is primarily spread through spam emails


Now day Ransomware attacks give a bad impact to some of company and it still a serious threat. Ransomware is a type of malicious software from Cryptovirology that threatens to publish the victim’s data or perpetually block access to it unless a ransom is paid. In 1991, a biologist spread PC Cyborg, the first ever ransomware,

With security researchers at Kasperksy Lab recent uncared a sophisticated cybercrime outfit called Dark Tequila, which targets banking customers in Mexico and other Latin American nations. It become headline now due to uncovered since 2013, with all the antivirus house and platform of sophisticated technologies being deployed and make every endpoint and server being protected.

Qualys Secure Seal Product Overview by E-SPIN

E-SPIN business partner Hex-Rays IDA Pro is the most regard and famous software analysis tool, which is a de facto standard in the software security industry, is an indispensable item in the toolbox of any serious software analyst and binary reverse engineer or malware analyst. Hex-Rays will continue to maintain IDA and ensure its continuous evolution

Database Security Assessment Service Overview by E-SPIN

Product Overview session video capture summary and highlight. For those who attend or miss the event organize by E-SPIN, you may watch the video above for flash back or cover the key usage, benefits and highlight of IDA Pro for software analysis, malware analysis and binary reverse engineering (MARE).

Vandyke Software Technical Overview by E-SPIN

Hex-Rays Decompiler, brings binary software analysis within reach of millions of programmers. It converts native processor code into a human readable C-like pseudocode text. In comparison to low level assembly language, high level language representation in the Decompiler has several advantages: concise: requires less time to read it structured: program logic is more obvious dynamic: