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Qualys Continuous Monitoring Product Overview by E-SPIN

Red and Blue teams ideally work in perfect harmony with each other, as two hands that form the ability to clap. Like Yin and Yang or Attack and Defense, Red and Blue teams could not be more opposite in their tactics and behaviors, but these differences are precisely what make them part of a healthy

With security researchers at Kasperksy Lab recent uncared a sophisticated cybercrime outfit called Dark Tequila, which targets banking customers in Mexico and other Latin American nations. It become headline now due to uncovered since 2013, with all the antivirus house and platform of sophisticated technologies being deployed and make every endpoint and server being protected.


There is some confusion about the differences of Red, Blue, and Purple teams within Computer Security. The purpose of a Red Team is to find ways to improve the Blue Team, so Purple Teams should not be needed in organizations where the Red Team / Blue Team interaction is functioning properly. Red Teams are external entities


Defense in red team isn’t just about finding holes but to continue the sports analogy, a good red team engagement will also provide a playbook to improve that defense in the future. Effective red teaming operations don’t end with the discovery phase. You want to work with a red team consultant that offers remediation assistance

E-SPIN please to announce for the following latest round of the technology update and upgrade for the following related product lines compiled from the various technical resources for easy reading in one go: D2 Elliot Web Exploitation Framework 1.14, August 7 2018 D2 Elliot has been updated with 11 new web exploits. Payloads and workflows

In some organizations these terms are used interchangeably to identify processes meant to root our weaknesses in applications and infrastructure. That is for generic consumer or beginner user perception and way for express need relate to that domain of requirement. For the industry and professional who carry out the VAPT with extensive of working knowledge

E-SPIN Data Center Site Cleaning

For those who subscribed with CANVAS Exploitation Pack (CEP) for CANVAS Pro, be note for the following CEP updates that may applicable to your case. SCADA+ 1.71 ver. of Scada+ contains 4 modules. List: – UCanCode ActiveX UCCPrint Control Remote Code Execution Vulnerability [0-Day] – Saia PG5 WebEditor 8.3 – Code Execution Vulnerability [0-Day] –

Industrial Control System (ICS)/SCADA Availability and Security Solution Overview by E-SPIN

Industrial Control System (ICS) / SCADA System is widely adopted in manufacturing, energy and utilities, chemical and petroleum industries for mission critical industrial automation. For quick key term definition. Operational Technology (OT) refers to computing systems that are used to manage industrial operations as opposed to administrative operations. Operational systems include production line management, mining

Web Application Security Assessment (WASA) as a Service Product Overview by E-SPIN

E-SPIN pleased to announce Core Security official release of Core Impact Pro 2016 R1.2. More than 46 updates have been added thus far, and are available through the regular update channel for all Core Impact customers who have upgraded to the latest version. The team has been working on several privilege escalations, a number of remote

Core Impact Technical Overview by E-SPIN

Threat and Vulnerability Management Products Core Impact provides vulnerability assessment and penetration security testing throughout your organization. Core Impact is the most comprehensive solution for assessing and testing security vulnerabilities throughout your organization. Core Impact is the only solution that empowers you to replicate attacks that pivot across systems, devices, and applications, revealing how chains