US Biden government is just hiring senior public sector professionals for the national cyber warfare unit leadership roles. It seems as the response for reacting to the recent major massive incident of Solarwinds being hacked, and using its software update to compromise a range of the customers that are being reported and under investigation right

Scan across all the news, FireEye Hacked incident is something worth to highlight and more importantly what the lesson we can learn from it. Let get real, being cyberthreat hunter, but you are being hacked, that is the result, what really matter is actually what is going on, a company suppose possess global capability to

Penetration testing (Pentesting) is not quite the same as vulnerability scanning. A vulnerability scan is utilized to recognize, rank, and report vulnerabilities while a penetration test is utilized to misuse vulnerabilities or in any case rout the security controls and highlights of a system. Penetration testing is an approved and proactive exertion to evaluate the

Penetration tests differ both in their approaches and in the weaknesses they attempt to exploit. The level of information provided to the pen tester will determine their approaches as well as the scope of the project. The different approaches to penetration testing in generic include: White Box Black Box Gray Box Black Box Penetration Testing

Penetration testing, also called pen testing or ethical hacking, is the act of testing a PC system, network, system, wireless network or web application to discover security vulnerabilities that an attacker could abuse. Penetration testing can be automated with software applications or performed manually. In any case, the procedure includes gathering data about the objective

The cyber attack kill chain is a series of steps that trace stages of a cyberattack from the early reconnaissance stages to the exfiltration of data. The kill chain helps us understand and combat ransomware, security breaches, red-teaming attack lifecycle and advanced persistent attacks (APTs). In brief, Cyber attack kill chain involves several core stages,

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The Concepts and Philosophy of Red, Blue and Purple Team ideally work in perfect harmony with each other, as two hands that form the ability to clap. Like Yin and Yang or Attack and Defense, Red and Blue teams could not be more opposite in their tactics and behaviors, but these differences are precisely what

With security researchers at Kasperksy Lab recent uncared a sophisticated cybercrime outfit called Dark Tequila, which targets banking customers in Mexico and other Latin American nations. Dark Tequila malware just uncovered exist since 2013, with all the antivirus house and platform of sophisticated technologies being deployed and make every endpoint and server being protected. Kaspersky


There is some confusion about the differences in Red, Blue and Purple team within Computer Security. The purpose of a Red Team is to find ways to improve the Blue Team, so Purple Teams should not be needed in organizations where the Red Team / Blue Team interaction is functioning properly. Red Teams are external entities


Defense in red team isn’t just about finding holes but to continue the sports analogy, a good red team engagement will also provide a playbook to improve that defense in the future. Effective red teaming operations don’t end with the discovery phase. You want to work with a red team consultant that offers remediation assistance

Red team is a group of white-hat hackers that attack an organization’s digital infrastructure as an attacker would in order to test the organization’s defenses (often known as “penetration testing“). Companies including Microsoft perform regular exercises under which both red and blue teams are utilized. The use of cyber red teams provides “real-world attack simulations designed to assess and significantly improve the