Why DAST and SAST is best combined for the AST approach, the reason is simple, it covers the matter in two key result areas (KRA) most people want to cover and demonstrate vulnerability management and for various regulatory compliance. As most industries and sectors remain, have the practice for outsource and appoint 3rd parties to

Umbraco is an open-source content management system (CMS) platform for publishing content on the World Wide Web and intranets. It is written in C# and deployed on Microsoft based infrastructure.  It as one of the leading .NET-based open source CMS systems. Technology wise, Umbraco is primarily written in C#, stores data in a relational database (commonly Microsoft SQL Server) and works on Microsoft IIS. Umbraco’s front-end is built upon Microsoft’s .NET

Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST)

We keep hear people talk static application security testing (SAST), dynamic application security testing (DAST) as two dominance application security testing, and off course not so mainstream of interactive application security testing (IAST), software composition analysis (SCA) and mobile application security testing (mobile AST). Some keep proposing SAST is the ultimate, because it handles the

DefenseCode ThunderScan Static Application Security Testing (SAST) is solution for performing comprehensive security inquiry of application source code. ThunderScan is accessible to use, requires almost no user input and can be expand during or after development. It is an efficient alternative to the demanding and time-consuming procedure of manual code reviews. ThunderScan performs fast and

Post event video summary, spread into three video Part 1 focus on app security testing market change and challenges, cloud migration and standard, specific controls requirements Part 2 focus on the Thunderscan SAST product update. Part 3 focus on the Webstrike DAST product update. For existing and new customers and partners, it is our pleasure

Shift left security is nothing new, we have extensively covered it two years and more back. We even have the established range of the world class, best of breed solution for the enterprise customer hassle free implementation to achieve modern DevSecOps. The topic today more on shift left security accelerated. All the enterprises in the

This is routine hour long technical overview, highly essential and recommends for existing customers who are intent to consider static analysis / secure code review or static application security testing (SAST) to Veracode Static Analysis, to know how it is workings and covers all the latest build release feature, as well as cover frequently asks

This is a routine hour long technical overview, highly essential and recommended for customers,  who are considering to running Static Application Security Testing (SAST) with ThunderScan Desktop & Enterprise . The best way to ensure that your applications are free from critical vulnerabilities is to perform a comprehensive audit of application source code using ThunderScan.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) issued a flash alert warning of hackers stealing data from government agencies and enterprise organizations via internet-exposed and insecure SonarQube instances. From the published data, it seems it has happened since April 2020. The FBI did a good job at least detecting and being able to issue warning. You

What is angular typescript is a very common ask question. Angular is a platform and framework for creating single-page client applications using HTML and TypeScript. Angular is written and built in TypeScript. It implements core and optional functionality as a set of TypeScript libraries that you import into your apps. The architecture of an Angular

How to choose a right static application security testing tool for your own use case is something a lot of new users will encounter and easily misled by the various marketing influences by the vendor who produce static application security testing (SAST) tools. The more experience you are, the less likely you are influenced by

Application Security Testing AST is a modern term we used to describe various tools based on various technologies used for performing application security testing (AST). Since the product technology keeps advancing, more and more related technology is either consolidated, retired, replaced and being positioned as matured, declined or treated as new emerging technology. The market

”Veracode Static Analysis” is one of the many code review tools that can be implemented without actually executing, or running, the software. Static analysis tools look at applications in a non-run time environment. This method of testing has distinct advantages in that it can evaluate both web and non-web applications and, through advanced modeling, can

E-procurement Trends in The Global Marketplace

Application Security Testing (AST) 2020 and beyond is always a good topic for address new users and sharing for what is going on for existing user. For those who follow the Gartner application security testing (AST) report will noted for 2018,2019 focus on DevSecOps, and lot of single point solution vendor is all delist from

Micro Focus Fortify Static Code Analyzer by E-SPIN

It is very wide request and requirement for guided how to generate report from DefenseCode Thunder Scan. So we prepare this how to post to guide customer on this matter. Download the installer and had the license key in hand. Run the application DefenseCode Thunder Scan on computer you installed. 1.Go to File Manager and

Modern and future DevSecOps ready application security testing (AST)

This year Magic Gartner Application Security Testing (AST) can summarize in one theme, either DevSecOps ready or you are out from being covered as the leading supplier. DevSecOps being a mega trends as the world under strong business and market pressure for being “Digital Transformation” ready, regardless of sector or industry. From the top down

Static Application Security Testing(SAST)

Static application security testing (SAST) is a type of security testing that relies on inspecting the source code of an application. In general, SAST and application security testing services detect critical vulnerabilities within systems such as SQL injection, buffer overflow, and cross-site scripting and involves looking at the ways the code is designed to pinpoint

The Common Use cases for Software Defined Security

Unified Application Security Security Fortify offers end-to-end application security solutions with the flexibility of testing on-premise and on-demand to cover the entire software development lifecycle (SDLC). Complement with full range of Vulnerability Management (VM), Vulnerability Exploitation Testing and Penetration Testing and Secure Development Education and Application Security Testing (AST) as a Service from E-SPIN. SDLC

Veracode Statis Analysis Product Overview by E-SPIN

Manage application security risk in a simple, strategic, scalable way Veracode Static Analysis enables your developers to quickly identify and remediate application security flaws without having to manage a tool. Thanks to our SaaS-based model, we increase accuracy with every application we scan. Veracode’s patented technology analyzes major frameworks and languages without requiring source code,

How to WUG create Multi Action Policy by E-SPIN

Whether you are third-party software supplier or end customer, you will found out third-party software security independent audit services helpful and help you bring in third-party independent security check and quality assurance into the whole process. For third-party software supplier you may need it for your final software delivery to bring in third-party credential your

Micro Focus Fortify Static Code Analyzer by E-SPIN

Fortify Static Code Analyzer identifies security vulnerabilities in your source code early in the software development lifecycle and provides best practices so developers can code more securely. What is Static Analysis testing? Static Code Analysis identifies security vulnerabilities efficiently in source code. It should be done early in the development lifecycle and used continuously throughout