Active Directory Security

Solution Overview serves as an assessment solution to find and fix existing weaknesses in your organization’s AD architecture so your organisation can focus on businesses without any concern about Active directory security.

Introduction to

Microsoft Active Directory is used by the vast majority of large organizations around the world as their primary authentication and authorization method, making it a common attack vector. Since large global enterprises have complex, constantly evolving AD architectures, their security teams struggle to keep pace in enforcing best practices and monitoring security.

Organisations need to accurately identify weaknesses and configuration issues in AD, quickly detect any ongoing attacks and receive clear guidance on how to prioritize and remediate exposures. To address this, Tenable has built, the broadest assessment capabilities, with market leading coverage to help find and fix existing weaknesses in your organization’s AD architecture. detects ongoing attacks in real time without the need to deploy agents or use privileged accounts.

With, you are able to see everything, predict what matters, and act to address risk in Active Directory to disrupt attack paths before attackers exploit them. Key Features Overview

No Agents, No Privileges. No Delays

  • Prevents and detects sophisticated Active Directory attacks without agents and privileges.

Clouds Covered

  • Check the security of Azure Active Directory Domain Services, AWS Directory Service, or Google Managed Service for Active Directory in real time.

Deployed Anywhere

  • provides the flexibility of two architectural designs. On-prem to keep your data on-site and under your control. SaaS, so you can leverage the cloud.
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KEy benefits of

Thorough Planning and Design

Tenable will work with you to determine the scope of your implementation, based on your network specifics and goals for your AD security journey.

Quick Implementation

Tenable will then install and configure the solution (on Tenable’s private cloud or on-premises) for the included Active Directory forests and domains, and then validate the implementation.

Knowledge Sharing

Our consultants will provide hands-on training and share their knowledge of AD security best practices to help you to determine where you should focus your remediation efforts.

Organizational Visibility

As cyber risks are more closely scrutinized every day, Tenable Professional Services can help set up dashboards so that stakeholders in your organization have the visibility they need to make informed decision and take action quickly.

Ecosystem Integration

Tenable Professional Services can help you integrate into your ecosystem and use it as a proactive source of information about AD issues in your environment.

Comprehensive Solution Documentation

Tenable will provide links to relevant and useful documentation to help maintain your deployment.

Supporting your Growth

Organizations change and develop over time. Tenable Professional Services can help ensure your solution stays aligned to your evolving business requirements. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your future needs.

Experienced Professional Services Team

Tenable Professional Services’ goal is to implement our products to solve your most pressing security problems, enabling your organization to see, predict and act on cyber risks. To accomplish this, we capitalize on our combined years of industry experience to tackle even the most challenging requirements. By engaging Tenable Professional Services, you can realize the value of your Tenable investment more quickly to feel confident you are on the right path for security program maturity. We have a broad portfolio of services and training available worldwide, remotely or on-site, to meet your specific needs.

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Main capabilities of

Accelerate product installation and configuration

Tenable’s experienced consultants will ensure your solution is properly installed and configured based on your business objectives, so you are up and running quickly.

Empower you to get maximum value

We will empower you to use the solution as your primary source of AD security information.

Expand your knowledge of Active Directory (AD) security

Tenable’s experienced consultants share their knowledge around AD security best practices to ensure you maintain your deployment efficiently.

Improve compliance visibility can provide real-time compliance maturity improvement through dashboards and alerts.

Explore MITRE Adversarial Tactics, Techniques, and Common Knowledge (ATT&CK) description directly from detected incident

The MITRE ATT&CK framework is a curated knowledge base and model for cyber adversary behavior, reflecting the various phases of an adversary's attack lifecycle and the platforms they are known to target.

E-SPIN value preposition

E-SPIN Group in the enterprise ICT solution supply, consulting, project management, training and maintenance for customers across the region E-SPIN do business. Cybersecurity testing, infrastructure to application vulnerability assessment and penetration testing (VAPT) is always one of the core domain E-SPIN Group assisting the market with best of world class technology and products for a variety of use cases across industries and sectors. Enterprise Active Directory (AD) best practice includes how to secure it is one of the typical enterprise customer use cases. Feel free to engage E-SPIN for the end to end unified project requirements, from the enterprise information security project, to penetration testing (pentesting), ethical hacking or red team operations, DevSecOps, infrastructure/datacenter/cloud security for corporation or national needs.