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VMware Workspace ONE UEM - Empowering Frontline Workers


The Need for UEM for Frontline Workers

The global pandemic, Covid-19 had triggered the escalation of remote working or distributed workforce where employees are allowed to work from anywhere, using any device. The transition towards remote working increases the need for organisation to redefine their digital strategy, increase investments in digital transformation as well as employee experience (EX).

A unified endpoint management (UEM) strategy enables IT to consolidate existing management silos, reduce cost, and enhance security across digital technologies deployed across their business. The combination of mobile device management (MDM) and enterprise mobility management (EMM) capabilities allows UEM to provide a holistic management framework that empowers organisations in managing any endpoint across a single platform for optimum visibility and security. UEM platform let the IT teams to not only able to deploy and support mission-critical device deployments but also assist the frontline workers in becoming more productive thus improving improve the digital employee experience (EX).

Product Overview

VMware Workspace ONE UEM is an intelligence-driven digital workspace platform specifically designed to fulfil the specific management requirements of mission-critical devices applied by the frontline workers, at scale.

How does VMware Workspace ONE UEM empower Frontline Workers?

VMware Workspace ONE UEM allows organisations to rapidly and easily stage, manage and support any devicefrom rugged handheld mobile computers and self-service kiosks to wearables and Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) along with existing mobile and laptop deployments through its intelligence drive platform from a single console.

Key features of VMware Workspace ONE UEM to empower Frontline Workers

1. Single pane of glass across every device and use case
VMware Workspace ONE UEM enables frontline workers to manage mission-critical endpoints together with other device fleets, leading to  better visibility and security.

2. One platform for management, identity, analytics and support
VMware Workspace ONE UEM is an Intelligence-driven platform that integrates access control, app and multi-platform endpoint management and support.

3. Shared device management
VMware Workspace ONE UEM lets frontline workers easily customise multi-user device UI, configure devices in single or multi-app mode, and enable multi-user devices with check-in and check-out.

4. Extensive API support
VMware Workspace ONE UEM's extensive API support provides non-IT personnel control on specific functions without granting them with full console access.

5. Support for IoT endpoints
VMware Workspace ONE UEM support to lightweight IoT-type endpoints like wearables, mobile printers, peripherals and interactive kiosks.

Key Benefits of VMware Workspace ONE UEM to Frontline Workers

1. Boost efficiency and transform workflows
VMware Workspace ONE UEM enhances efficiency improves workflows by simplifying the management of mission-critical device deployments with low-touch enrollment and configuration, shared device management, device and app analytics, and remote worker support.

2. Improve employee experience (EX)
VMware Workspace ONE UEM helps deliver a seamless, consumer-like end-user experience across shared devices by providing workers access to the specific apps, content and settings for them to remain productive and engaged.

3. Minimise downtime
VMware Workspace ONE UEM enables IT and help desk staff to give real-time remote support. With this capability, device tasks and issues can be addressed before they impact the bottom line.

4. Support any use case at scale
VMware Workspace ONE UEM gives support to every new and innovative technologies that boost productivity and allows exceptional customer experiences at scale such as BYOD, wearables, peripherals and interactive kiosks.